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Safir Azam MD



Board Certified Psychiatrist

Dr Azam treats broad range of Psychiatric and Psychological issues in Adults and Adolescents including ADHD, ADD, ODD, OCD, Insomnia, Eating Disorder, Depression and Anxiety disorders, Panic disorder, Bipolar disorder, PTSD, and Relational issues.

Medication management and Psychotherapy

Dr Safir Azam is a graduate of Khyber Medical School, Pakhtunkhwa. He completed his first Psychiatry
Residency at the Royal London and St. Bartholomew’s Hospital United Kingdom from 2000-2005.
He completed his Residency in the USA at SUNY Downstate Hospital Brooklyn and the specialized last
year of Residency at the University of Florida, Gainesville.
Areas of Specialties: Dr Azam’s office is a standalone Psychiatrist office where patient’s confidentiality,
comfort, wellbeing, continuity of treatment and Privacy are the top most priorities. He specializes in
Work UnderPerfmance, Mood disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorder and ADHD. He treats OCD,
impulse control disorders, Schizoaffective disorders, Hypo sexuality and hyper sexuality issues, sleep
disorders, Life Coaching when applicable, Coping skills and most General Psychiatric Disorders.
His emphasis is on Psychoeducation, Medication management, direct advice, and Interpersonal
Psychotherapy where applicable.

PHILOSOPHY of treatment:

Dr Azam believes in honest one to one interactions. He trusts patients to as much extent as he can for whatever is bothering them however, he is aware of the things certain individuals might not want to divulge as long as it’s not related to polypharmacy, prescription duplications by other offices or addictive medications being mis- used. However, he believes individuals are the ultimate in charge of their treatment choices. He likes giving feedback and advice but he refrains from imposing his ideas. However, he believes in continued dialogue for the best treatment options and outcomes.Patient criteria: 18 onwards till mid 70’s. He prefers individuals to make their own appointments so that full Confidentiality can be maintained. It’s a small settings office and Dr Azam cannot provide any case management. He believes patients who cannot manage their medications and are severely unwell shall preferably call Mental Health Clinics where there is a provision of case management and full family therapy and social work Services.

Dr Azam accepts Self pay patients that are affordable rates. Dr Azam values his time and his patient’s time and expects them to be on time and notify well in advance if they cannot make their appointments to avoid cancellation fees. Additionally, Aetna and Cigna insurances are accepted as long as patients’understand their insurance benefits and deductibles. Certain insurances carry high deductibles and hence insurances might not pay for any of the sessions unless the deducible for the year has been met. Patients must call their insurance beforehand so as to avoid confusion.

Disorders that are not treated

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