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Safir Azam MD



Board Certified Psychiatrist

Disorders that are NOT treated:

  • A: Dr Azam Doesn’t treat addiction disorders. He doesn’t prescribe excessive doses of Benzodiazepines or similarly addictive medications. If an individual is suffering from issues with addictive medications, Dry Azam ’office might not be the ideal place for treatment.
  • B: His office doesn’t provide case management or social work support. Hence patients who are in need of these services might benefit from getting treatment at other major Psychiatry offices.
  • C: His office doesn’t have the capacity to provide family support sessions. Emphasis is on individual treatment. Families wanting to get treatment for their loved ones who are unable to take care of themselves might want to contact the University Hospital settings.
  • D: Dr Azam’s office doesn’t deal with Disability applications or workman Comp cases.


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